It ended in Travemünde, Germany, the World Championship 420 male: 120 crews competing, 26 countries and 6 continents, ten races. For Italy, seven men's team ranks three of the Yacht Club Sanremo with Edward Ferraro (15) and Francesco Orlando (15), Filippo Maccari (18) and Louis Mauro (19), Giancarlo de Franco (19) and Max Kuestner (19) accompanied by Fernanda Sesto as Trainer.
The world was divided into two stages: qualification and Final. The qualification where you are 6 races with a light wind predominantly from the Northeast; young Edoardo and Francesco started with a first place followed by the always placings in the top 10, bringing the second day and the third the blue bib red bib, finishing the qualification in the thirteenth position. The other two crews from the Yacht Club Sanremo were not able to take advantage of these light wind conditions, finishing the qualification place in the 57 and 63 Luigi and Filippo Giancarlo and Max, despite some part in the first ten.
In the final stage, the Edoardo and Francesco Filippo and Luigi as they entered the Gold group, while Giancarlo and Max were in the Silver Group. By this stage the wind conditions have not improved, rather they are a bit 'worse: they have been completed only four trials, one of them with the wind very variable and plug. During the last day of racing everything has been deleted due to lack of wind and the presence of heavy rain.
With a total of ten trials Edoardo and Francesco have ended 22 first Italian crew and third in the world as Under 16, while Philip and Louis 38, and Giancarlo Max 12 in the Silver Fleet. For all the three was their first in the world during the Class 420 which were marked by teamwork, commitment and determination, not only this week but also during their preparation they have done in the past eight months together with the whole team of the Yacht Club San Remo.
The next event for the young olds, Edo and Fra, will be at the Junior European Championship in Poland,.
     A few days before the World Championship was held the 'Assembly of the International 420 Class, always in Travemünde, where the Yacht Club Sanremo has won the bid to organize the World Championship 420 male and female in July 2016 (the other candidates were Australia and Mexico) that will include the participation of 240 vessels with a total of 500 children between 15 and 22 years in addition to all carers.

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