This is the story of Andrea Donadello, a young boy who recounts his adventure with the "Palinuro", from Messina to La Spezia.
An adventure that he advises his peers ... Simply sign up to Sta Italy (only 50 euro per year) in order to enrich the navigation with similar experiences.

The day 12/10 after 2 planes and a bus, crossing Italy, the appointment was for boarding at 17:00 in Messina, just opposite the Palinuro; when boarding were 25 boys, aged 16 to 24 years, plus the unforgettable companion John Giuffre.
Just boarded was made a short speech on the behavior and some instructions about life on board; then we were handed sheets, cutlery and a life jacket; it has been shown that the canteen has also revealed the fact our dorm we slept on hammocks tied between some steel cables thesis just after dinner, and depart before breakfast.
Life on board is regulated by shifts of four hours on call, 4 controls and 4 off.
As early as Monday morning orders were to clean the mold, polish the brass and prepare for the change of commander ceremony that took place soon after.
Around 14:00 the same day we set sail, but after just 1 miles there were engine problems that forced us to go back and spend another night in Messina; we left at 7:00 am on Tuesday.
During guard duty we were divided into groups of 2 people and everybody took care to turn the rudder, chart, look-out and disposal.
While navigating rough seas did find some students it is both crew members suffered from seasickness.
I was particularly touched by night navigation in the sea because there is no light pollution outside it will ship (full dark) so the scenery was breathtaking stellar.
In the following days to avoid arriving in La Spezia in advance we have made numerous tests of man overboard using a plastic box full of empty bottles.
The crew members are friendly and helpful; life on board was tough but rewarding.
Also excellent relationship with the other students.

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