29 November 2021

Beautiful show at the Dragon Winter Series of the Sanremo Yacht Club, held on the weekend of 26/28 November.

Designed a few months ago, with a great deal of dissemination by the Sanremo Yacht Club, the first Winter Series for the Dragoni class took place this weekend, thanks also to the usual precious support of the Municipality of Sanremo and the Marina di Portosole. Crews from all over Europe will meet every month in Sanremo for these beautiful regattas. Start on Friday, November 26, with a good wind from the West and a wave formed; on Saturday, the strong wind unfortunately prevented us from going out to sea. On Sunday, a beautiful sunny day with a west – south west wind of 10 knots allowed us to carry out two good tests. Four tests completed, with one difference applied, with the victory of the Swedish Karl Gustaf Lohr in front of the yacht Club Sanremo Bunker Prince helmed by Yevgen Braslavets, in third place and equal merit Fever, an […]
11 November 2021

38th West Liguria Winter Championship 2nd stage “AUTUMN IN REGATTA”

Last days before the start of the second leg of the 38th West Liguria Winter Championship, the “Autumn in Regatta”, which begins on the weekend of 13/14 November 2021. Very interesting is the fight in the ORC fleet in which, in addition to the novelty of the Pingone di Mare IIII which made its debut very well at the Grimaldi Trophy, three Solaris 44 will compete in a head to head: Farewell, Crab and 85XL, three identical boats left by the famous shipyard, it will be very interesting to see who will achieve the best results. The fleet of 30 boats will be divided into two groups: IRC / ORC and RACING CLUB, the latter with an Orc Club certificate. A great high-level fleet that will race both on coastal courses and windward-leeward regattas. The second stage will continue with another appointment, on 11 and 12 December. Sunday 12 December, […]
6 November 2021

Fabulous Finals for the European Series of the Dragons class.

Sanremo 27/31 October 2021. After five splendid days in the waters of Sanremo we have come to the end of this important European Finals Dragon Grand Prix event organized by the Yacht Club Sanremo with the collaboration of Paul & Shark, the well-known clothing company that for years has been synonymous with the Dragons in the Matuzian city. After four days, the Turks of Provence, with a splendid score that had a third place as the worst result, beat the Russians of Rocknrolla. Six beautiful tests with always sustained wind. The elimination finals were played on Sunday, the day was characterized by a north wind between ten and fifteen knots, wave formed and rain; the four regattas gradually streamlined the fleet until 10 boats remained at the super final. The Swede Martin Palsson, a Corinthian of the highest level, already winner of the Gold Cup this year, wins. In second […]
29 October 2021

Dragons show at the Sanremo Yacht Club

One of the most important classes in world sailing is back in Sanremo: the Dragons, who will compete this week in the finals of the European Grand Prix in the waters in front of the Matuziana bay. Very high level of the participants who come from 13 nations to compete for the overall victory of the Grand Prix series. The Russian Loginov, the German Diederichs, in crew with Diego Negri, fresh World Champion in the Star class, the English Andy Beadsworth who races for Turkey, are some of the candidates for the podium. There are also two Sanremo crews: that of Sandro Solerio, a new entry in the Class, with various titles behind him, and that of the president of the Yacht Club Sanremo Beppe Zaoli. It will be a wonderful sight to admire the forty boats competing for the title of Dragon European Grand Prix Champion. Five exciting days […]
14 October 2021

The 38th edition of the West Liguria Winter Championship kicks off with the first stage: the TROPHEE GRIMALDI.

The 38th edition of the West Liguria Winter Championship kicks off with the first stage: the TROPHEE GRIMALDI. The West Liguria Winter Championship, now in its 38th edition, resumes after a year of hiatus, on the weekend from 15 to 17 October. Almost forty registered crews and three ORC & IRC, RACING CLUB and Libera fleets. The level is very high especially in the ORC A class where 2 new Ceccarelli 50s, two Solaris 44s and the usual Swan 45s will compete for the title together with the new J112 Pingone di Mare IIII. First test over three days, the Trophee Grimaldi joins the coastal city with the new port of Cala del Forte in Ventimiglia and the Principality of Monaco. This by now traditional opening of West Liguria promises to be full of sporting and worldly news: In all ports the boats will be welcomed by cocktails or dinners […]
18 July 2021

Final day at the 470 junior World Championship.

  Another excellent day in the waters of Sanremo for the Medal Race of the World Championship. The winners are almost obvious, after the ten qualifying races. The Gradoni/Dubbini couple triumphed in the Mixed class, the most crowded. The very young helmsman is in his fourth world title after the three Optimist world championships he won. Followed by the Israelis Sade/Laszy in front of the French Pecaud and De Gennes who are, however, Under 21 World Champions. The Australians Lehmann/Haberl take home a world title with an impressive roadmap, ahead of the Americans Arvey/Reynoso and the Italians Bozzano and Casano. Eleven tests completed in all conditions from medium light to strong wind. The Medal Rase was held in a nine-knot westerly breeze. Now a large part of the fleet will move to Formia for the European Championship. Instead the Sanremo Yacht Club organizes the 420 Class Zonal Championship in mid-August, […]
17 July 2021


  Because Sanremo is Sanremo! Penultimate day of regatta at 470 Junior World organized by the Sanremo Yacht Club in the waters of its gulf. Three beautiful regattas with ideal conditions between 9 and 15 knots, bring the total number of races to 10 and tomorrow the last day with the best ten of the two fleets that will compete for the medals. In the Open fleet absolute domination of the Austrians Lehmann and Haberl with six first places and four seconds. Followed by the guys from the Yacht Club Imperia Bozzano and Casano very detached and ahead of only one point over the Americans Harvey Reynoso. The Italian leaders of the new Olimpic ClassMixed Gradoni Dubbini have twenty points ahead of their rivals, the Israelis Sade Lasry who will compete for medals with the English, the French and the Americans. A beautiful championship made possible by perfect weather conditions […]
15 July 2021


470 WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP 2021 Sanremo, 13 July 2021 The 470 Junior World Championship, organised by the Yacht Club Sanremo, started off with a great day with west wind between 15 and 20 knots. Fantastic glides and close combat between 53 teams from 16 different nations. After three races in the Mixed class that will be the protagonist in the coming Olympics in Marsiglia in 2024, it was made clear the domination from the French team, Pacaud and De Gennes, with two firsts and one third place. Excellent work from the two italian teams, the young Gradoni with the expert Dubbini, positioning themselves at the secon and third place, and with only 1 point distance at third place Marchesini Festo. In the Open Class the Austrich Lehmann and Haberl with three victories are firmly in command, demostrating great supremacy in strong condition over the whole fleet. The Imperia citizens, Bozzano […]