March 19 – Marcus Wieser at the helm of “Bunker Queen” (UAE 7) is leading here in San Remo the fleet with 9-point lead after three trials. After recording a 3rd place on the first day, Marcus and his crew, composed of Sergey Pugachev and Diego Negri, has successfully sailed yesterday finishing 2nd and 1st. So it is on top of the standings with 6 points.
The 2nd place overall is Michael Schmidt, at the helm of “M3” (GER 1157) with Malte Philipp and Mario Wagner in the cockpit, with 15 points (7,4,4). Michael and his team just won the Royal Regattas Cannes and it is clear that it is keen to add another title to his list
3rd overall and just one point behind “Anapurna” (RUS 27) skippered by Anatoly Loginov, with Vadim Statsenko and Alexander Shalagin the maneuvers. This very cohesive crew is always hard to beat and it will be certainly a threat to Marcus for victory.
Karl Gustav Lohr, Jasper Bendix and Klavs Bruun Kristensen, of “High Times” (SWE 389), are at the top Corinthian and eighth in the overall classification.
First of the Italians “Cloud” (ITA 56) skippered by Giuseppe Duca, with Jean Sebastian Ponce and Vittorio Zaoli, currently 9th overall.
At least two other trials are scheduled for today, with a wind from the west prediction should really be another beautiful day of sailing in the sun in Sanremo ….
(Stavros – GBR 789)
. ITA 56 “Cloud” helmed by Joseph Duke, is currently the first Italian and 9th overall
. 33 Dragons are disputing in Sanremo the National Championship
. The Dragons rounding the dogleg buoy Sanremo yesterday, in a beautiful sunny day sailing
. SWE 389 is currently at the top of the “Corinthian”, that count the presence of 15 boats