First Wooden Dragon World Championship 24/27 August 2023

Descrizione dell'evento

First Wooden Dragon World Championship 24/27 August 2023

From 24th to 27th August a new regatta overlooks the gulf of Sanremo, i.e. the first World Championship for Wooden Dragons.

These splendid boats built from 1929 onwards have gone through numerous phases, from a simple wooden construction to lamellar construction or with crossed and overlapping planking.

There are six nations present ranging from Estonia to the United States, twenty magnificent boats registered, among which there are those who will participate to win and those who even just to show off their beautiful boat. All created by the Sanremo Yacht Club, one of the most active clubs in Europe and always close to this class, for which it organized the 90th anniversary with more than 150 boats.

This regatta will represent a moment of meeting and friendship between these passionate sailors and owners, with pleasant moments of conviviality and celebration. An act of love towards these Queens of the seas who in the almost one hundred years of history have seen Princes and Kings pass by, from Philip of Edinburgh to Constantine of Greece, to Juan Carlos of Spain, to Olaf of Norway, just to name a few, and which still today finds a large number of enthusiasts.

Among the favorites is Lars Hendriksen who, together with Nicola Friesen, is aiming for the title of winner: Sanremo smiled at him in 2014 when he won the continental title in these waters. The President of the Organizing Circle Beppe Zaoli, assisted by the Ukrainian Yevgen Braslavets, former world champion in this class and Olympic gold medalist; the Estonian who races for the English colors, Dmitry Bondarenko, together with Alexander Shalagin, multiple title holder in this class.

Numerous moments of socialization, between aperitifs and dinners, to ensure that Sanremo remains a central point for this wonderful class.