THE 10TH EDITION OF THE 420&470 THE CARNIVAL RACE ENDS 15/18 February 2024

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THE 10TH EDITION OF THE 420&470 THE CARNIVAL RACE ENDS 15/18 February 2024

 Marina degli Aregai Great success for the tenth edition of the 420&470 The Carnival Race, organized by the Sanremo Yacht Club, with the precious support of the Cozzi Parodi Group, in the magical location of Marina degli Aregai.

180 boats for the 420 class and 9 for the 470 class, coming from 12 nations: Spain, Germany, Great Britain, France, Poland, Greece, Ukraine, Slovenia, Hungary, Switzerland, Turkey and Italy.

With four beautiful races in perfect wind conditions of 16 knots, France triumphed in the general classification of the 420 Open class with the two crews Schemmel – Boudard and Flandorffer-Flandorffer taking first and second place respectively.

Third place went to the Italians Mioni-Barbiero of Circoli SVGB/SIRENA. France also wins on the women’s podium in the 420 class with the Malou – Bourgeois crew, followed by the English Potter – Nieuwland and the Germans Bohnsack-Gienap.

First female Under 17 crew are the Italians Ludovica Pastorino and Giulia Shanti Perini, from CV Vernazzolesi; first Open Under 17 the English crew Jones-Burlton.

Special prize for the youngest crew Sara Taddei and Irene Ongaretto of CV Antignano, class of 2011.

For the 470 class, the Slovak crew Fras-Skerlavaj excelled. According to the Germans Theiner-batzing. Third place went to the Italians Gabbrini-Gentili of the Circolo Del Remo e della Vela.

The Sanremo Yacht Club doesn’t stop: next weekend the Dragoon Class Winter Championship will return to the Matuzian waters with the fourth and final stage of the “Winter Series”. to follow, on the weekend of 2/3 March, the last stage of the West Liguria Winter Championship “Sailing Festival” will take place. In March, however, the classic International Italian Dragon Cup Trofeo Paul&Shark will take place, scheduled from 21 to 24 March 2024.