Descrizione dell'evento


After ten days of intense activities ended on 420 World Championship, organized by the Yacht Club Sanremo in Marina degli Aregai. More than 500 crews, for a total of 26 nations, representing the best of youth sailing world.

The spirit, the freshness and the education of these kids have created an event that will stay in the annual history.

The Championship 420 more crowded with more and characterized by perfect weather conditions.

Saturday night the exciting award ceremony saw athletes on the podium followed by their nation’s anthems. Felt thanks of President Beppe Zaoli aimed at all those who contributed to this great success.

During the ceremony a special award was presented to the Japanese team for sportsmanship and proven education during the event.

A great Italian success in the Gold Ladies category: first place the crew of Francesca Russo Cirillo and Alice Linussi, in third place Maria Vittoria Marchesini and Cecilia Fedel. In second place the Spanish María Bover Guerrero / Clara Llabrés. In the category Ladies Silver, conquer the summit of the podium Argentine Clara Videla and Sofia, followed by the Austrian Nia Jerwood and Monique De Vries, and by the German Hannah Hagen and Sarah Eisenlohr.

In the Open category Gold winners are the Portuguese Diego and Pedro Costa, ranked second in the American crew of Wiley Rogers and Jack Parkis and in third place the Greeks Vasilios Gourgiotis and Orestis Batsis. In the Open Silver to prevail is the French crew of Alexandre Demange and Aurelien Barth, chased by the Germans Jan and Lea Borbet and British Clemetson and William James Birch.

Finally in the category Under 17, the winners were the Greeks Telis Athanasopoulos Yogo and Dimitris Tassios, in second place the Spanish Eduard Ferrer and Carlos De Magua, in third place the French Enzo Balanger and Gaultier Tallieu.