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The tricolor shield remains in the hands of the shipowner The elagain. Completing the podium National Calvi Network (Alberini-Cayard) and Petite Terrible (Rossi-Paoletti). Spells Zampori first in the Corinthian

Riva del Garda, September 11 – Franco Solerio aboard The elagain takes all. Eurocup victory and open national championship ‘Alcatel J / 70 Cup’ of which the event signed Fraglia Vela Riva represented the fifth and decisive stage for the assignment of the national title. also won the Alpen Cup, the combined whole Fraglia combining the two last stages of the circuit – the melsinea and that Rivana – in a unique ranking without waste.
The elagain (Solerio -Cassinari) sends in archives fourth Eurocup edition with 14 points ahead of the continental champions of Petite Terrible (Claudia Rossi-Paoletti), authors in the final day of a double win that promoted them seconds before Calvi Network (Alberini-Cayard). Scale ranking and ends at the foot of the podium B2 (Galli-De Angelis), followed by Iberian José María Torcida on Noticia.

With the races Rivane, rising to three the number of stages of Alcatel J / 70 Cup won by Franco Solerio that at the end of the 34 trials that marked the championship, held tight the championship tricolor. In second place Carlo Alberini on Calvi Network, while the third step of the podium National Claudia Rossi rose to command the Petite Terrible. First and fourth overall in Corinthian Alexander’s Zampori team of Magie preceding two points I thought Worse (Pacinotti-Zandonà).

The team of elagain The winner of the national title J / 70 in Riva del Garda was formed by: Franco Solerio (owner-helmsman), Daniele Cassinari (tactician), Stefano Orlandi (mainsail trimmer), Roberto Torn (trimmer)

Top five ‘Alcatel J / 70 Cup’ – National Open Championship J / 70, total 34 tests on 5 stages 1. The elagain, Franco Solerio, ITA; 59 pts
2. Alberini, Carlo Alberini, ITA; 102 pts
3. Petite Terrible, Claudia Rossi, ITA; 142 pts
4. Das Magic Sailing Team, Zampori Alessandro, ENG; 150 pts (1st Corinthian)
5. I thought Worse, Filippo Pacinotti-Beppe Zavanone, ITA; 159 pts

Eurocup J / 70, fifth and decisive stage of Alcatel J / 70 Cup circuit
1. The elagain, Solerio Franco, ITA, 1-5-1-1- (21) -3-2-18; 31 pts
2. Petite Terrible, Claudia Rossi, ITA, 9-7-4-15-1-1- (20); 44 pts
3. Alberini, Carlo Alberini, ITA, 4-6-8- (15) -9-4-5-10; 46 pts
4. B2, Michele Galli, ITA, (20) -9-6-3-14-5-9-6; 52 pts
5. Noticia, José María Torcida, ESP, 3-10-7-4-18-11-12-9; 56 pts
1st Corinthian: Magie Das Sailing Team, Alessandro Zampori, ITA, (29) -2-16-25-5-12-10-1; 71 pts

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