ALCATEL 2nd leght J/70 CUP 2016

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ALCATEL 2nd leght J/70 CUP 2016

Alcatel Alcatel J / 70 Cup: Calvi Network and The elagain a chair for two
Alberini signing the stage victory in Sanremo, but Solerio shall establish her leadership on the championship after the first 10 races
Sanremo – Forty teams from six different countries have animated the weekend the waters off the coast of the Italian Riviera for the second act of Alcatel J / 70 Cup circuit, Italian national championship for open formula to seven meters of the shipyard J / Boats.
Field of Sanremo race has welcomed the caravan of J / 70 with a pretty stiff wind from the east that accompanied the execution of all six scheduled races sailed under the careful direction of the race committee chaired by Fulvio Parodi.

It was the Lightbay Sailing Team Carlo Alberini on Calvi Network Carlo Alberini sign the victory of the stage after a thrilling tussle with the elagain Franco Solerio (tactician Daniele Cassinari), according to a point only operator of Pesaro . Third place went to a beautiful new entry in the ranks of the Italian class J / 70: the Enfant Terrible of Alberto Rossi with Alberto Bolzan precedes Ranked Worse than I thought Beppe Zavanone (for the occasion helmed by Andrea Magni and with Lorenzo Bressani tactics) and Corinthian Spells (Zampori-Sommariva).

However, filed the first two fractions of the circuit Alcatel J / 70 Cup and rose to 10 the calculation of championship trials held so far, have also input the first two scraps of the series. Balance leads the ranking of the circuit is the tricolor champion, The elagain Franco Solerio who also won by a wide margin the Spring Cup: Combined Monegasque and Sanremo races which form a separate ranking, where to complete the podium there again Calvi Network (runner up circuit) and Magie Alexander Zampori (1st in the Corinthian division).

Impeccable both at sea and on land the organization of the Yacht Club Sanremo which hosted the exciting two days of races on which the curtain fell with the rich award ceremony and the draw of the prizes to the top of the partners range of Italian Class J / 70: Alcatel, Gill and Fitbit.

Next round of the numerous and international fleet J / 70 in Porto Cervo 3 to 5 June for the third leg of the circuit hosted by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda that next year will host the world championship, J / 70.