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The American fleet gliding off the Riviera dei Fiori
Carlo Alberini on Calvi Network in the lead after three rounds.
Sanremo, May 7 – The onset of the second stage dell’Alcatal J / 70 Cup handed over to the archives a wonderful day of glides to 40 teams from six countries engaged in open national championship for the pocket flagship site of J / Boats.
Breeze on 17/19 knots of intensity three races sailed today off the Italian Riviera where to become the main protagonist was Carlo Alberini on Calvi Network with a nice route plan articulated by a 1-2-1.
Follow with the same score, in second and third place in the provisional rankings, I thought worse of Beppe Zavanone with Lorenzo Bressani calling tactics (4-1-4) and The elagain Franco Solerio (3-3-3). Hound the leading trio with 17 points Enfant Terrible of the award titled Alberto Rossi with Alberto Bolzan at the tactic (6-9-2) and White Hawk Gianfranco Noé, the latter leading the Corinthian division before Magie Alexander Zampori and Monegasque de La Redoutable Philippe Battaglia.

The stage Sanremo circuit Alcatel J / 70 Cup – organized by the Yacht Club Sanremo and Italian Class J / 70 in partnership with Alcatel and Gill – will resume tomorrow, the warning signal set at 10. The goal of the Race Committee is to to send archived three other trials, the scrap input expected after the fifth valid.

Provisional second stage Alcatel J / 70 Cup after 3 races
(Top five)
1. Alberini, Carlo Alberini, ITA, 1-2-1; 4 pts
2. I thought Worse, Beppe Zavanone, ITA, 4-1-4; 9 pts
3. The elagain, Solerio Franco, ITA, 3-3-3; 9 pts
4. Enfant Terrible, Alberto Rossi, ITA, 6-9-2; 17 pts
5. White Hawk, Gianfranco Noé, ITA, 2-8-7; 17 pts