Diego Negri back atop the standings of the Star Sailors League after winning the challenger series in the Bahamas.

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Diego Negri back atop the standings of the Star Sailors League after winning the challenger series in the Bahamas.

Nassau (BAH), 10 Dicember 2016

The 2016 season in the Star of Diego Negri and Sergio Lambertenghi closes with a great sharp, conquering the summit in their rankings for skipper and crew of the Star Sailors League.

A return after a long stay on top for Diego Negri, which thus receives the prestigious Dennis Conner directly from the hands of the great testimonial and the former keeper, Xavier Rohart. It’s a first time for Sergio Lambertenghi, which therefore celebrates the achievement of the primacy of best bowman in the world in the former premier class Olympic, and the trophy dedicated to the late Andrew Simpson, dethroning the strong Bruno Prada.

This milestone confirms the excellent run of form and consistency of good results of the pair of Italian sailors, who in recent years have racked with two silver stars in the continental events, three podium finishes at the World Championships and countless wins and second places in the national races.

With the great satisfaction to be “certified” as the sailors of greater thickness by a well-researched ranking system and operating for almost four seasons, however, it remains the regret of having arrived at the foot of the podium of the events they claimed in 2016 to almost twice with the same “scheme”. After it won the fleet racing, Negri and Lambertenghi, in both cases, they have won the right to direct access to the finals “in or out”, with only four participants: both in Hamburg and is in Nassau was a problem the first beat that, after seeing them attack, forced them to chase and close quarters. In Hamburg, in fact, after a good start, in the first few minutes of the race they were caught by a gust from an unpredictable direction that has unstopped them, favoring the opposition. The Bahamas, after Mendelblatt was forced to tack because of them, unfortunately Rohart managed to cover them and make them go the wrong way.

It remains the satisfaction of having excelled in front of a fleet still richer all-time samples (this year at the start were 25 boats, about half staristi conducted by internationally renowned and the rest carried by athletes at recent Olympic Games medalists Rio). It is renewed hope that the record is captured in the famous ranking, with the approaching of the fifth operating season for SSL, finally valued and remunerated as events.