Team 420

The game gets serious

Team 420

About thirty young athletes are part of our 420 team, organised into three racing groups.

Each group has a specific training path and regatta program, and is followed by a dedicated team of coaches.

Racing Team 3

The pre-racing educational program aims to introduce youth to competitions and prepare them for the first regional regattas, through training on the weekend and athletic preparation during the week.

Racing Team 1 and 2

Youth prepare to face the national regatta season, training three times a week at sea plus athletic training on land, with more time during the summer months.

The training sessions include group exercises and regattas, moments of sharing and essential debriefings for greater awareness in tackling one’s work, both on an individual and crew level.

All the athletes give their full commitment to training and to travel for the regattas, moments of challenge and joy for them, and of pride for the club, coaches and families.


Our coaches:


coordinator of the club's racing activities and head of 420 team

Fernanda Sesto

Born in 1976, the Argentine 470 athlete participated 4 times in the Olympics between 2000 and 2018. She is now the coordinator of the racing activities of our yacht club and a passionate coach of the 420 team. Since 2009 she has drived our team to all the national regattas, the European Championships and the World Championships. 

squadra_0005_Andrea Abbruzzese

Andrea Abbruzzese


Fabio Boldrini

squadra_0000_Tommaso Cilli

Tommaso Cilli

squadra_0002_Giorgio Finke

Giorgio Finke

squadra_0001_Giulia Ierardi

Giulia Ierardi

Direttivo e Staff_0011_Livello 2

Pietro Ponzano

Direttivo e Staff_0004_Livello 9

Giorgia Taddei


Davide Vignone