The Board of Directors

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Beppe Zaoli

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Vice President

Gianni Bojolo

The Board of Directors

Thanks to the voluntary contribution of its Board of Directors, the Yacht Club Sanremo governs and manages its own programs. The Board of Directors, made up of seven members elected by the Members’ Assembly every four years, deals with the ordinary and extraordinary management areas that fall within its mandate.

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Vice Presidente

Gianni Bojolo

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Beppe Zaoli


Merito del contributo volontario del suo Direttivo che lo Yacht Club Sanremo governa e gestisce i suoi programmi.

Il Direttivo, composto da sette membri eletti dall’Assemblea dei soci ogni quattro anni, si occupa delle aree di gestione ordinaria e straordinaria che rientrano nel suo mandato.
Marco Cilli

Headquarters manager

Marco Cilli

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Massimo Sorli

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Paolo Bonetto

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Sports Director

Andrea Vacchino

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General secretary

Andrea Veneziano

A great team


Meet our staff, who are supported by a precious network of collaborators who work to ensure the best success of regattas and events.

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Umberto Zocca di Montelupo

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Antonella Sambuco


Centre operator

Monica Borri

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Service and berthing department

Michael Ronzino

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Service and berthing department

Massimo Occhialini


racing team and 420 team coach coordinator

Fernanda Sesto

alessio baccini

summer sailing school and Optimist team coach coordinator

Alessio Baccini


Our coaches

Our instructors are highly qualified –  Federazione Italiana Vela certified coaches and holders of the European BLS-D patent.