Negri and Lambertenghi at the foot of the podium for a breath at the Star World in Denmark.

Descrizione dell'evento

Negri and Lambertenghi at the foot of the podium for a breath at the Star World in Denmark.

Troense (DEN), July 9, 2017

At the world-wide star 2017 of Troense (DAN), the Negri-Lambertenghi couple are always at the highest level, protagonist even in a week of northern sailing under prohibitive conditions, so that on the second day in the calendar it was not possible to regain. The fourth place, however, does not honor the work and preparation of the week, the most constant of the fleet.

On the podium, Melleby (NOR) / Revkin (USA) climbed 18 points, followed by L. Grael (BRA) / Goncalves (BRA) to 20 points, similar to the third crew, Schmidt (GER) / Sradnik GER), while Negri and Lambertenghi were 21 points at the end of the series. One only then from the podium area that, if hypothetically there was no difference, the total of the six trials would still see them seconds at a single point of detachment from the winner.

An almost unexpected absence from the podium, given the growth in the second half of the championship and the second “virtual” position held in the last race up to 500 meters from the finish when the winner of the day, Merkelbach, managed to overcome the Ligurian duo -Gardesano for a higher pressure found to the right in the tough Danish racing range. A real shame, considering that two cold and rainy days had arrived in the first two places, in addition to the little time of sailing with the new boat, with no chance to try in the previous days because of the prohibition conditions that went on in the early days Of races in the calendar. But from the third race, the series had been growing: sixth, quarter, first and second.

Some regrets, in short, but also the confirmation of being always there, with the strongest ones, playing for the best result. As for the Star Sailors League ranking, this fourth place earns 1917 points, which will allow Negri to go from fourth to third place in the Skipper reserve, replacing Mendelblatt, while Lambertenghi will break the gap with the current leader of the Crew, Ponsot.